Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 in Prospective

Well it's been a while for a post, but not for rough drafts I have started.  I just cant seem to finish them. I will be posting more often while I finish my thoughts. First of all I would like to reflect on 2009 though I am 39 days slow.

Wow What a year! First of all I want to thank all of our fans and supporters who join us for food and drinks each day, thank you all so much. With out you it would not have been the year it was.
Menus I have written this year: 10 lunch & breakfast, 11 dinner, 12 first Friday menus with guest chefs, 18 other special event dinners including wine makers dinners and charity events as well as the first Big Table dinner. I am starting to see where all my time is going. 

Some of the Good people I have met this year: 
Paul Haeder, one of the most passionate people I have ever met. He has brought inspiration from all directions and has opened my mind to the realities of life in many different layers  
John Allen from Vino
Chef Peter Tobin
Chef David Blaine
Author/Greenpeace activist David Suzuki
   Urban Farmer Novella Carpinter
Author David Sedaris 
Winona La Duke
Antonio Banderas came every day he was in town
Cast and crew of  The Lion King
Gary From Rocky Ridge Ranch.
Jennifer Hall
Jim Sheehan & progressive dinners at his house, with guest Woodie Tasch
Senator Lisa Brown 
Mike Jones Owner Mazuna
Mike Wiley 
   Dominic C. Brogna, future chef

Miscellaneous endeavors:
Cooking Classes
New York CIA extended learning certificate for charcuterie.
Guest chefs: Peter Tobin, Al Kowitz, Nancy Locke, Tukcha Kim, Tofu Phil, Austin Rockeman(feat. Shilo & Dave)
Guest Artist for each month as well, a new show each month. 
Cool events: Take a Bite out of Hunger, Sustainable September kick-off, Futurewise Feast With Friends, Movie & discussion of Food, Inc., Grown-Up Grilled Cheese Grill Off, Black Box Kitchen Challenge, Green Drinks, Class of 2009 INCA Graduates Dinner
Some of the most remembered events for the year:
Wine dinners: Lone Canary, Whitestone, Barrister, Marryhill, Townsend. Special thanks to Vino, John Allen, and all of the winemakers for all of their help and knowledge. 

Things I have learned: too many to list but the most important was teaching myself how to balance work life and real life. Instead of separating them I have realized this is a life as one and not work at all. It all flows with its self and makes sense by making it a way of life all together. I don't go to work, I just live my life and do my best to follow the path of balance and love.

Things that Have challenged me: Long hours, employee personality management, keeping the balance of life, not forgetting the true-ness of food, and keeping the standards high without compromise. 
2010 is already looking to be as busy and fun as the last. 

Thank you all again and have a great 2010!

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  1. It has been a pleasure to be involved in both the personal and professional sides of your life this last year and I look forward to watching your continued success in both areas.