Saturday, May 29, 2010


Its not in my nature to deconstruct food and reconstruct it in into another form but chefs do if every day in restaurants around the world. I have a passion for food like any other who has passion for their crafts. To me its a way of life. I believe food is not just nourishment but educational in many ways. Not only does it keep us alive but it teaches us structure, organization and community among others and most importantly culture. Food comes in many forms in many places in many layers.

During my brief time in the this world I have found a multitude of challenges that pair with many layers of skill. It takes years from beginner to expert never to become a true master but some do achieve expert status more quickly than others. Its the passion and dedication that leads to trial and error basis until perfection can be attained.

I have randomly photographed a 5 day mise en place for 15 course dinner along with normal everyday mise just to show how mirthful this life is. With enjoyment, creativity, passion, and an unending learning experience I achieve complete satisfaction, gratitude and respect for it all. This is why I feel deconstruction and reconstructing is a form of art and being creative with it builds another layer and adds to the repertoire of experience and knowledge.


  1. Well done Jeremy. Your passion for food and cooking is obvious in everything you do. Great job on the 15 dinner. Looking forward to this First Friday 100th anniversary of Father's Day tribute.

  2. Keep up your momentum Jeremy! Glad to see you're still pushing Spokane in the right direction!

  3. Thanks Ryan, It's not stopping anytime soon lots to do and many years to do it. Each and everyday is an adventure only to fulfill my goals & help build on to the existing culture of Spokane.

  4. Awesome Jeremy. I've wanted to be a fly on your wall ever since the first time I found your place. Those 5 days looked like lots of work and a bunch of fun. I can't wait to come over to Spokane this weekend. Two meals at the same place in two days isn't excessive right?